Type Side Bet
Alias Animals, Animal Game
Format Game
Number of players 2,3,4+
Team or Individual play Individual
  • Zookeeper is a game in which different animals are awarded to a player for different bad shots.
  • Some common examples of animals that are awarded include:
    • Frog: When a ball lands in a water hazard
    • Alligator: Hitting two balls in the same water hazard
    • Camel: Hitting a ball into a sand trap
    • Double-humped camel: Hitting from a sand bunker into the same or a different one
    • Mole: Taking two or more shots to get out of the sand trap
    • Snake: For three-putting
    • Anaconda: For four-putting
    • Gorilla: Losing a ball
    • Skunk: Ball going out of bounds
    • Rat: Hitting the ball into a waste bunker
    • Kangaroo: Hitting the ball twice in a single swing
    • Jackass: Missing a birdie from inside the length of a flagstick
  • The names and penalties can change according to the group of players.
  • This game isn’t just about penalties, though. If a player holes in from off the green, they can “send it to the vet” or simply take out one animal from their zoo. This move is not bankable and so a player who does not have any animals in their zoo cannot use this option.
  • An important thing to note is that one animal can only belong to one player at a time.


  • Suppose Player A hits the ball out of bounds on the first hole. They get the skunk.
  • On the second hole, Player A hits into a sand trap. They get a camel and now they have a skunk and a camel.
  • On the third hole, Player B drives the ball out of bounds. Now Player B has the skunk while Player A only has the camel.
  • Each animal is usually worth $1, but that is to be decided among the group. At the end of the game, the players with animals pay every other player the agreed-upon amount for each animal in their zoo.