Hole-in-One Contest

Type Hole Bet
Alias None
Format Tournament
Number of players 2, 3, 4+
Team or Individual play Individual
  • The goal of a Hole-in-One contest is to make an ace. Players usually get several attempts to score that hole in one, and if they do, they win a prize.
  • The prizes for Hole-in-One contests are usually very large, such as a car or a very large sum of money, and are mainly organized as fundraisers for charitable causes. Why such big prizes? Because it’s not very easy to make a hole-in-one.


A hole-in-one contest can be played as part of a tournament or as a standalone event.


  • If a hole-in-one contest takes place during a golf tournament, organizers assign one of the par-3 holes as the contest hole. When participants reach that hole, they take aim at the flagstick and try to win the prize.
  • A player might automatically enter the contest if they are playing in the tournament, or they can be a fee for a chance to play for the prize. Players can purchase multiple shots to have a go at the contest hole. For example, if a player buys 2 chances, they can hit the tee ball twice to try and make an ace.
  • The score of the first ball is considered as the score for the tournament. The extra shots are counted as attempts for the Hole-in-One contest hole.

Standalone Event:

  • A Hole-in-One contest does not necessarily have to be part of a tournament; it can be played as a standalone game as well.
  • In a standalone event, players can purchase as many balls as they want for a set amount of money. Each ball represents one shot.
  • There is usually a limit on how many balls one player can purchase, for example, a maximum of 10. The limit is set by the event organizers.