Dr. Dolittle

Type Side Bet
Alias Do-over
Format Game
Number of players 2, 3, 4+
Team or Individual play Individual
  • Dolittle is an interesting golf game that involves the various accumulators named after animals.
  • This game is essentially different side bets that can be set in motion during any kind of game or tournament.
  • Examples of Dr. Dolittle accumulators include:
  • Snakes: Every time a player three-putts, 1 unit is added to the value of the Snake. The last player to three-putt “holds” the Snake and has to pay the total value of the Snake to all other players in the group.
  • Camels: When the golf ball goes into a bunker.
  • Fish: When a player hits the ball into the water.
  • Bears: For hitting trees.
  • Rabbits: When the ball lands in the bushes.