30/40 Balls

Type Strokes
Alias None
Format Game
Number of players 3, 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • 30/40 Balls is a game that allows threesomes to compete evenly with foursomes. The goal of the game is to have the lowest score for your team when using exactly 30 balls for a threesome and exactly 40 balls for a foursome for all 18 holes.
  • After each hole, the team decides which player’s individual score with respect to par will be used. The net score is then compared to the par for that hole. The score is (+) for over and (-) for under.
  • For example, if player 1 has a 1 handicap stroke, a 5/4 would mean a gross score of 5 and a net score of 4. On a par 3 hole, a 5/4 score would be represented as +1 (over par). On a par 4 hole, it would be considered a 0 (even par), and on a par 5 hole, it would mean -1 (under par).
  • For a threesome, the team’s total score is divided by 3 to get the average. This average is then multiplied by 4 to compare the score to the other foursomes.
  • For foursomes, the total score is divided by the total number of players, i.e., 4, to get the final team score.
  • The number of balls counted and slashed for each hole is recorded to keep track of how many balls have been used and how many are left.